Royal Re-Imagined

Royal Re-Imagined

What journey do you envision for Royal students?

Royal community,

As many of you know, the 2021 bond election was not approved by voters. Thank you to all who voted. The needs still exist. Growth is coming to Royal, and it is vital that Royal ISD takes steps to strategically plan for it.

It is very important that community members get involved by attending meetings of:

These are great places to ask questions and learn about the coming growth. 

To quote Waller County Judge Trey Duhon, "A better and improved school district is a win for everyone - families, students, the community, and property owners. Nothing builds wealth quite like the appreciation of real estate, and nothing does that better than having a decent school district." 

Royal invites all community members to join us as we "re-imagine" Royal. Those with questions regarding facility needs, campus tour requests, the validity of information shared online, etc. may email or call 281-934-6940. Royal ISD welcomes your questions, and we look forward to a continued partnership with the Royal community.

Thank you,

Royal ISD