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The Royal ISD Board of Trustees sets aside 30 minutes of every regular board meeting to hear public comments. Topics may not be specific to individual students or school personnel and should be limited to three minutes. Delegations of more than five people wishing to speak on the same topic should appoint one person as the spokesperson for the group.

We ask that employees or members of the public express their complaints through the appropriate administrative procedures before making a presentation to the board. Written copies of the procedures are available at every campus as well as the administrative offices.

The Board does not respond directly to comments nor answer questions asked by speakers. Texas law does not allow the board to deliberate or take action on any subject discussed during the public comments section that is not on the agenda.

Public Comments Form


In addition to the copy of the schedule of business, which you as a visitor will receive, each School Board Trustee receives supporting documents and background materials prior to the meeting. In the interim, board members study these materials, and they may also contact the superintendent to obtain more information on any of the numerous items that they are asked to consider.


From time to time during the school year, it becomes necessary for the School Board to enter a closed door executive session. These sessions generally pertain to the discussion of sensitive materials. Some such issues that may require an executive session might be items pertaining to, but not limited to: litigation of either a school or student nature, possible purchasing of new property, issues involving severe student discipline, or specific personnel issues.


Regular meetings of the Royal I.S.D. School Board are held on the second Monday of each month. The time of all regularly scheduled meetings is 6:30 p.m.

School Board meetings are held in the Board Room at the Administration Building, 3714 F. M. 359 North, Pattison, TX 77466.

The Administration Building is located north of Brookshire.

All other meetings and workshops are scheduled on an "as needed" basis. The public is always encouraged to attend all of the Royal I.S.D. board meetings.


Because the business operations are constantly changing, and there are times that decisions need to be made immediately, sometimes it becomes necessary to call a special meeting. Additional meetings are called as needed during the month. Notices of these special meetings, are posted on the bulletin board for official notices at Royal High School, and at the post offices in Brookshire and Pattison.