Royal High School also offers OnRamps courses in partnership with University of Texas at Austin. OnRamps delivers high-quality distance education to students and teachers. Our dual enrollment courses, flexible to in-person, hybrid and distance learning modalities, have prepared more than 167,000 students in Texas for the challenges and rigor of college.

Courses Offered

What's the Difference

Students do not need to show college readiness through the TSI to take OnRamps courses. Unlike dual credit courses, OnRamps courses award two separate grades: a weighted high school grade, which is recorded on the high school transcript, and a college grade awarded by the UT professor, which is recorded on a UT college transcript. Students in OnRamps have the opportunity to decline the college credit if they receive a grade for which they are not satisfied, and that grade will never show on a college transcript or be reported when applying to college after high school.  Students will have experienced a college level course with college expectations and deadlines, and will still earn weighted high school credit even if they decline the college credit.

Contact Information

For information regarding enrollment into Royal High School's OnRamps courses, please contact your student's high school counselor.

Tisheka Brown, RHS Lead Counselor & ECHS Counselor

Charvela Fearon, RHS Counselor

Jacqueline Lewis, RHS Counselor