Royal ISD Police TX

34499 Royal Rd. Brookshire, TX 77423 * PO BOX 489 Pattison, TX 77466 * PH: 281 - 934 - 1105 / FAX: 281 - 934 - 2850

Department's Highlights:

RISD Police Department thanks everyone who helped make 2022 National Night Out possible including RHS Student Council for the games and all those who joined us that evening!

Each year RISD Police Department gives a Peace Officer training (Flashing Lights Senate Bill 30) to RHS Students. This is a product of the Texas Community Safety Education Act (Senate Bill 30), passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. The goal of this training is to help students understand the importance of behavior and expectations of citizens and law enforcement during traffic stops.


The Royal Independent School District is a 4A school district, located in Southern Waller County serving the communities of Brookshire, Pattison, Sunnyside, and the surrounding areas.  Royal Independent School District offers a wealth of opportunities in a small school environment. 

The Royal Independent School District is a governmental entity with an obligation to the State of Texas to provide a free and appropriate education to the children within its boundaries.  With a resolution signed and dated March 13, 2000 established the police department.  The members of the Board of Trustees endeavor to ensure sufficient protection of the students, staff and property of the district, and as such shall hereby authorize the formation of the Royal Independent School District Police Royal Independent School District offers a wealth of opportunities in a small school environment.

Department Staff


The mission of Royal ISD Police Department along with the district is committed to a safe learning environment through instructional excellence, along with the police having a positive rapport and interaction with the students, staff and community.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.  We will uphold the district’s trust and our commitment to our core values.

  • Courage

    We are aware and recognize the dangers in our profession and are willing to place the safety of others above our own.

  • Commitment

    We pledge to fulfill our missions by being accountable to our district, our department, and to each other.

  • Competence

    We assess our actions to improve our performance with training, communication and cooperation with other entities.

  • Compassion

    We care about the wellbeing of our students, community, faculty and staff, our department and each other.

  • Restraint

    We exercise self-discipline and control at all times to model behavior for our peers and district.

  • Respect

    We recognize the authority we hold and will treat others as we would like to be treated.  We faithfully, and without bias, honor our obligations to the district at all times.


Complaints against a Royal Independent School District Police Department shall be in writing on a form provided by the District and shall be signed by the person making the complaint.  In accordance with the law, the District shall provide to the police officer a copy of the complaint. (See Complaints Against Peace Officers at CKEA (LEGAL).

The complaint must be filed within 10 days of the alleged complaint or violation. The officer will be provided a copy.

Appeals regarding this complaint process shall be filed in accordance with (DGBA, FNG or GF, as appropriate.