LOCATION UPDATE - RJH Girls' Basketball Tournament

All RJH Girls Basketball Tournament games will be held at Royal High School on Saturday. 

Tournament information:

  • Date: January 14, 2023
    • 9am: Royal vs. Wright JH
    • 10am: Wright JH vs. Bay City
    • 11am: Royal vs. Bay City
  • Quarters will be 7 minutes
  • Please bring your own water bottles, we will provide you with water
  • If a team is up by 25 or more points, the clock will run and you can no longer press
  • Only coaches, players, workers, and referees are allowed on the gym floor
  • A hospitality room will be provided for coaches, referees, and workers
  • Be prepared to play ahead of schedule as we will start the games as soon as possible
  • Home teams are listed first on the attached graphic. 
  • Falcons should wear their white uniforms. 

Let's go, Falcons! #WeAreRoyal