Royal FFA WINS BIG at the Waller County Fair !

Members of the Royal FFA Chapter competed at the Waller County Fair on September 28th - October 1st, 2022. The chapter had 61 overall participants. The results are as follows! 

Market Goats

Kaylee Meader -2nd Light 

Maddie Meader - 7th Light 

Maria Gomez - 2nd Light Medium 

Ramiro Ferro - 8th Light Medium 

Helena Ferro - 5th Light Medium 

Jeremy Danz - 5th Medium 

Jaylyn Danz - 3rd Light 

Valentine Ferro - 2nd Medium 

Elizabeth Ibarra - 8th Medium 

Evelyn Vahalik- 4th Medium 

Karl Vahalik - 8th Heavy medium 

Market Swine

Rory Melton - Grand Champion

Victoria Miller - 10th Heavyweight

Shelby Woods - 11th Heavyweight

Rafeal Marmolejo - 12th Heavyweight

Ekon Ferro - 2nd Middleweight, Reserve Champion Swine Showman

Kinleigh Guidry - 5th Middleweight, 3rd Middleweight, Champion JR Showman

Deysi Rivera - 6th Middleweight

Brianna Diezi - 2nd Middleweight

Tania Ramirez - 8th Middleweight

Angie Ramirez - 9th Middleweight

Oscar Rivera - 3rd Lightweight

Lauren Hillsman - 6th Lightweight

Bryce Archer - 8th Lightweight

Noe Arriaga - 10th Lightweight

Anthony Aranda - 11th Lightweight

Leo Rudeas - 12th Lightweight

Breeding Heifers

Kaylie Marmolejo -  9th place Middleweight ABC

Danielle Jones - 14th Place Middleweight ABC

Kiara Jones -  3rd Place Lightweight ABC

Cynthia Rivera -   8th Place Middleweight ABC

Litzie Gonzales -  6th Place Middleweight ABC

Rory Melton -  1st Place Heavyweight ABC

                           2nd Place Heavyweight ABC

                           Champion American Heifer

                           Grand Champion Overall Heifer

                           Champion First year Junior Heifer Showman

Kaelyn Hein - 3rd Place Middleweight ABC

Callie Hacke - 6th Place Lightweight AOB

Raelee Hacke - 8th Place Heavyweight AOB

Avery Rongey - Champion Scramble Heifer

Avery Rongey - 4th Place Middleweight AOB

Brianna Diezi - 5th Place Lightweight AOB

Tessa Clingenpeel - 7th Place Lightweight AOB

Jaycie Estep - 7th Place Middleweight AOB

Kevin Weatherford - 11th Place Lightweight ABC

Ava Seward - 2nd Place Lightweight ABC

Porter Jacob -  6th Place Heavyweight AOB

Presley Jacob - 1st Place Lightweight ABC

                           Reserve Champion American Heifer

                           Reserve Champion Overall Heifer

                           3rd Place Heavyweight ABC

Kaylee Meader -  12th Place Heavyweight ABC

Market Steers

Porter Jacob - 3rd Place HeavyWeight American Steer

Kinleigh Guidry - 4th Place Heavyweight Exotic Steer, 1st Place Junior Showmanship, 1st Place Cattle Herdsman 

Elyssa Pruner - 3rd Place Lightweight Exotic Steer 


Shelby Woods

14th place, Meat Rabbit Pen

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship

3rd place Herdsman Award

Calf Scramble Heifer Show 

Averi Rongey, Grand Champion Heifer 

Kaylee Meader, 7th Place Scramble Heifer

Market Lamb 

Vanessa Garcia - 4th Light

Creative Living 

Raelee Hacke - Reserve Champion Photography,  Intermediate Division 

Daniel Sanchez - Woodworking Bench 

Georgia Vahalik - Decorated Cake 

Participating in the Calf Scramble this year were FFA members Raelee Hacke, Kaelyn Hein,  Jazbel Marmolejo, Rafael Marmolejo, Jacob Pisor, Elyssa Pruner, Deysi Rivera, Tate Seward and Kevin Weatherford. Congratulations to our FFA Members on an outstanding week!