Royal FFA Members Are Preparing for the 77th Annual Waller County Fair

FFA members attending Royal ISD are excited and gearing up for the 77th Annual Waller County Fair which began in 1945. Students begin acquiring projects for the fair beginning in the Spring of 2022. Members have been working hard all summer, preparing their projects for show ring success. The Fair kicks off this weekend beginning Friday, September 23rd, with the Commercial, Pen of 2 heifers. Next up is the Bucket Calf show and Creative Living Judging on Sunday, September 25, and Monday, September 26th. The Market Goat and Market Lamb Show begins on Tuesday, September 27th. The Market Swine and Market Rabbit show is Wednesday, September 28th, followed by the Steer and Heifer show on Thursday September 29th. In addition, there will be a Livestock Judging Contest as well as Calf Scramble on Friday, September 30th followed by the Livestock Auction Saturday, October 1st. The Barbeque Luncheon starts at 11am. Members are looking forward to the week and hope to see you at the Fair. 

Pictured (L-R): Jaycee Estep, Tessa Clingenpeel

Waller County Fair Exhibitor List, 2022


Porter Jacob

Elyssa Pruner

Kinleigh Guidry


Raelee Hacke

Callie Hacke

Rory Melton (2 Head)

Averi Rongey (2 Head)

Porter Jacob

Presley Jacob (2 Head)

Litzie Gonzalez

Kaelyn Hein

Cynthia Rivera

Jaycee Estep

Ava Seward

Kiara Jones

Danielle Jones

Tessa Clingenpeel

Kevin Weatherford

Brianna Diezi

Kaylee Meader (2 Head)

Kaylie Marmolejo


Lauren Hillsman

Victoria Miller

Tania Ramirez

Angie Ramirez

Bryce Archer

Noe Arriaga

Anthony Aranda

Leonardo Ruedas

Rory Melton

Kinleigh Guidry

Shelby Woods

Kinleigh Guidry

Ekon Ferro

Briana Diezi

Rafael Marmalejo

Deysi Rivera

Oscar Rivera


Jeremy Danz

Jaylyn Danz

Elizabeth Ibarra

Jovanni Ibarra

Karl Vahalik

Evelyn Vahalik

Maddie Meader

Kaylee Meader

Maria Gomez

Ekon Ferro

Helena Ferro

Ramiro Ferro


Shelby Woods


Vanessa Garcia

Commercial Heifers

Rory Melton

Creative Living

Raelee Hacke

Daniel Sanchez

Georgia Vahalik