Enrollment Growth in Royal ISD

Did you know that Royal ISD's enrollment is growing daily? The daily growth rate in 20-21 was +.53 students, resulting in 151 new Falcons. In 21-22 we saw a daily growth rate of +.99, resulting in 278 new Falcons. 

Between Aug. 19 and Sept. 12 (24 days), 108 new students joined Royal ISD.  That's 4.5 students PER DAY. If that growth rate continues throughout the 22-23 school year, we will end the year with 1,269 additional Falcon learners. Even if growth slows to half that number (2.25), we would still end the year with an additional 679 students. 

To put that into perspective, here is the current enrollment at each campus: 

RHS - 836
RJH -  449
STEM - 329
RES - 566
ECC - 429

Total: 2,609

Given the current growth rate, Royal has the potential to add between 679 and 1,269 students for a total enrollment of 3,288 - 3,878+ by the end of the current school year.