​Royal HS Soccer Players Receive Accolades

Teenagers are often the recipients of a reputation of misbehaving in public, but an observer recently had a different opinion on a group of Royal high school soccer players.

Katy resident Richard Kirby sent the following account to RHS Principal Mr. Runnels: “I was in Whataburger last night around 10 pm when a bus load of Royal Falcon soccer players arrived. I was sitting at a table with my wife and daughter who is a junior in Katy ISD. It was daunting to see so many kids coming into the restaurant. One after another and then another and…they just kept on coming. It must have been a couple of teams. On top of that, Whataburger had taken what seemed like a longer time to prepare our order-probably because of the order from your school. My purpose for this letter is to let you know how impressed we all were with all of it (that Whataburger got it all out really that quickly). The behavior of all of the kids was both polite and respectful. They allowed the regular customers to go in front of them at the drink machine, understanding that it would be a nice thing to do. They kept their voices low enough that my family could have a conversation with relative ease. When we left, all 3 of us shared how impressed we were with the coach and all the kids. I am a retired teacher and coach-32 years in public schools, teaching every SS class known to man, AP classes, and coaching varsity football and baseball. My wife is a German and Spanish teacher going on 30 years. I commented that those kids were more well behaved than most classrooms I have seen in my years. I am writing to let you know that as an observer, your school was well-represented.”

Mr. Kirby also stated that our teams did an awesome job and our district should be proud.

Mr. Runnels had this to say in response, “We have phenomenal students here at Royal High School and we expect our students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. We have a great soccer team and a great coach that instills discipline both on and off the field. Our campus motto is: Soar to Success and Expect Nothing Less”!!!  I will share this with our Coach and thank you again for reaching out to offer this great compliment!!!  As Principal, I am extremely proud and this really means a lot!!!”

Thank you to our RHS soccer players for providing such an excellent representation of Royal!