Royal Excels at Needville UIL Academic Meet!

A group of Royal students spent the day on 2/15 competing in various academic competitions at Needville. Royal had an excellent meet and was a sweepstakes finalist!

Students in picture above: Front row l to r: Samantha Lopez, Julissa Rico, Emily Contreras, Jon’Dasha Price; 2nd: Alondra Melendez, Trinity Bluford, Nayeli Gomez, Lissy Gonzalez; 3rd: Juliana Rocha, Jhoana Rocha, Marisol Rios, Hodet Gonzalez, Katia Mendoza; 4th: Araceli Amador, Gisselle Castro, Cithlaly Campos, Jaylyn Tercero; 5th: Kayla Jung, Javier Estrada, Angel Velasquez, Martin Mendoza; 6th:  Vladimir Moreno, Alexis Ibarra, Camila Quinones, Adamarys Zaragoza; 7th: Daniel Gonzales, Taniah Kennedy, Yasmin Alvarado

Calculator Applications Team won 1st place! Team members and individual placements are: Juliana Rocha (tied 1st place), Jhoana Rocha (tied 1st place), Alexis Ibarra (6th place), Araceli Amador (7th place)

Number Sense: Angel Velasquez (6th place individual)

Mathematics: The team was just out of medal places, finishing 7th - 11th. Araceli Amador, Kayla Jung, Samantha Lopez, Alondra Melendez, Jhoana Rocha, Juliana Rocha, Angel Velasquez

Current Issues - 2nd Place Team: Giselle Castro (5th place individual), Cithlaly Campos, Martin Mendoza

Social Studies - 2nd Place Team: Martin Mendoza (3rd individual), Jon'Dasha Price, Hodet Gonzalez, Lissy Gonzales, Nayeli Gomez

Accounting - 2nd Place Team: Martin Mendoza (3rd Place), Alexis Ibarra (4th Place), Hodet Gonzalez

Ready Writing - Kayla Jung (3rd place), Samantha Lopez (5th place)

Copy Editing - Javier Estrada (6th place)

News Writing - Samantha Lopez (5th place)