UIL Academics at Caney Creek

With a small crew as many of our Falcons participated in other events (including State TAFE and Horticulture competition at the HLSR), our UIL Academics Team showed up at the Caney Creek Invitational on Saturday, March 4, to compete against over 1,200 other competitors meet-wide for individual medals and against 14 other teams in the small school overall competition. CLICK HERE to view pictures!

Our Falcons brought home the Small Schools Academic Overall Runner-Up Sweepstakes!

Students competing included:

Ready Writing 

Nancy Cruz

Current Issues & Events, placing 1st as a team -

Ian Arteaga, 1st overall

Danahe Alcantar, Stephanie De La Rosa, Max Arteaga, Isaac Martinez, Zunaira Noman, Demarys Torres

Number Sense 

Litzie Gonzalez

Poetry Interpretation 

Alekza Orduna, Cynthia Rivera

Computer Applications 

Kevin Martinez, 7th overall

Hassia Camacho, 8th overall

Copy Editing 

Ian Arteaga, Raychel Mayes

News Writing 

Danahe Alcantar

Spelling & Vocabulary, placing 1st as a team - 

Raychel Mayes, 4th overall

Stephanie De La Rosa, 5th overall

Zunaira Noman, 6th overall

Zariya Scott


Kevin Martinez, Jenna Johnson, Isaac Martinez


Ian Arteaga

Feature Writing 

Danahe Alcantar

Social Studies 

Ian Arteaga, 6th overall

Max Arteaga, Nancy Cruz, Jenna Johnson

Editorial Writing 

Danahe Alcantar, Isaac Martinez, Demarys Torres


Stephanie De La Rosa, Litzie Gonzalez 

Headline Writing 

Isaac Martinez

Literary Criticism 

Zunaira Noman, 1st overall

Our next competition will be District Competition the Week of March 20.

A big shout out to our team and our coaches. Great job!