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Royal ISD is giving you the opportunity to get involved!

We are looking for volunteers to assist teachers and staff with an array of different tasks.
The volunteer needs for each school can be found under the opportunities section to the left.

Like what you see? Print a form from one of the links below, or get a form in person from one of the campuses. Fill it out and take it to one of the schools. Please choose English or Spanish below to download the form for your language.

  • The district will run a criminal background check and update our volunteer list if your record is clean.

  • After about a week, check with the campus secretary to see if your name is on the list

  • If a background check cannot be completed with the information provided, you may appeal to the district superintendent's office at (281)934-6901.

  • Please see the Policy link to the left for a breakdown of the points sytem used for RISD's background checks.

  • RISD thanks all parents and community members for their continued support.


  • Misdemeanors - Class A = (3 points)

  • Misdemeanors - Class B = (2 points)

  • Misdemeanors - Class C = (1 point)

  • Felony - (6 points)

Greater than or equal to 6 points over the last ten years may be denied volunteer opportunities.