Culture & Wellbeing Department

The primary role of Royal ISD’s Culture & Wellbeing Department is to create a safe & supportive learning and working environment.  At Royal ISD we support the district’s mission of “investing in our tomorrow” by cultivating a culture that empowers all students and staff to reach their full personal and professional potential. This includes prevention, intervention, and postvention support. The following departments, individuals and initiatives are integral in providing that support. Links to additional resources that promote wellbeing are included in the library section. For more information, please contact:

Diane Holub, MS

Royal ISD Culture & Wellbeing


Diane Holub

Counseling Department

Counselors on each campus provide comprehensive services in 4 different areas. 

1) Guidance (Coordinate lessons and activities for all students that promote growth in the following areas: Intrapersonal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Post-Secondary  Education & Career Readiness and Personal Health & Safety) 

2) Responsive Services (Need based services such as mediation of peer conflicts, behavior coaching, problem solving, discipline processing, risk assessments, grief …) 

3) Individual Planning

4) System Support (consultations with and support of staff, parents, outside agencies)

2022-2023 Royal ISD Counseling Staff

Royal Early Childhood Center

Lakisha Murray

Royal Elementary School

Denise Alcover

Royal STEM Academy

Jazmin Thomas

Royal Junior High

Chandell Murphy

Royal High School

Trisha Bledsoe

Royal High School

LaSandra Watts


Capturing Kids Hearts Initiative


Surveys for Voice

Drug Prevention Resources

Safe & Supportive Schools Program

Trauma Informed Care Training

Threat Assessment Team Training

Resiliency Training

Anonymous Reporting Systems (Stop IT & Crime Stoppers)