2022 Facilities Advisory Committee

2022-2023 Facilities Advisory Committee Information Portal

Purpose of Group: Collaborative development of a bond package recommendation for presentation to the Royal ISD Board of Trustees and ultimately to the Royal ISD community in May 2023. As you know, we have not been successful in 2019, 2020, and 2021 passing a bond referendum to create facilities that are competitive with our neighbors and that offer our students the same opportunities as other students in our area. The Pattison and Brookshire communities and the greater Royal ISD community cannot continue to lag educationally; nor can we expect our teachers to teach and our students to learn in aging and outdated buildings. We truly anticipate legendary work from this Facilities Advisory Committee and a successful bond referendum in May 2023.


4 - September 29, 2022

Task Cycle


5 - October 13, 2022

Task Cycle


6 - November 17, 2022

Task Cycle


Instructions for Voicing and Recording Decisions

7 - December 8, 2022

Task Cycle


FAC Leadership

Michelle Hughes, Lead Facilitator

Rick Kershner, Royal Superintendent

Gracie Espinoza, Royal Bond Committee District Liaison

Hector Herrera, Royal CFO

Christi Ginn, Royal Communications

Kimberly Bow, Stantec

Angel Rivera, Stantec

Lucas Janda, Live Oak Public Finance

Lina Linehan, Live Oak Public Finance

Derrick Dabney, Royal ISD Operations

Mike Nicholas, Royal Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we add playground equipment?

A: Yes. Any new primary campuses would need the equipment. For existing campuses, the committee would need to include the request in the proposal.

Q: How many school resource officers do we have?

A: We currently have four. We have an opening posted for a fifth.

Q: Is training included with technology equipment upgrades or purchases?

A: It depends on the type of device. Our staff knows how to use many items of the items we would need and could provide the training.

Q: Do the demographic studies take into account the open borders?

A: This is beyond the scope of this committee.

Q: What is the debt per capita for Royal ISD as it compares to neighboring school districts?

A: Existing Royal ISD debt goes through 2038, as another year was paid off early this summer as part of a proactive goal of the Board to reduce the future interest costs to the community. 


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