CSHP (Coordinated School Health Program)

The health of children does not depend on major medical breakthroughs, but rather on the everyday practice of good health habits. Coordinated School Health addresses the needs of the whole child by promoting a healthy environment along with a wide range of activities to ensure academic success and the development of healthy behaviors.

Physical Education

Students can develop skills to become and remain physically fit throughout their lives.

Health Education

Students learn how to improve their health and prevent diseases by developing skills and knowledge that can help them stay healthy.

Health Services

Students can discuss health concerns and health problems and if necessary, be referred to school or community services.

Nutrition Services

Students are offered healthy, appealing food, reinforcing classroom instruction on nutrition.

Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

Students have access to support and services that help to develop healthy attitudes and behaviors and prevent or address problems that affect their mental or emotional health.

Healthy and Safe School Environment

The school offers a positive physical, emotional, and social climate that provides a safe physical place and a safe, supportive environment that fosters learning.

Staff Wellness Promotion

School helps staff maintain and improve their health, which can decrease absenteeism and improve morale. At the same time, school staff can serve as role models for the students.

Family and Community Involvement

When families work with the school and community, they support learning and reinforce positive school experiences.