FAQ - RISD Grading Guidelines

Falcon parents and students,

The team at RISD understands that this is an uncertain and unprecedented situation. We are here to support you and your students as we work through this “new normal” together. We have received questions about grading policies during the suspension of regular school services. At this time, Royal ISD will be following the district's established grading guidelines. 

Below I have included information and links to our district grading policies. For information related to standardized tests such as STAAR, please visit TEA Assessment Guidance and TEA Assessment FAQ.   

If at any time you are concerned about your child’s grades or class assignments, please first reach out to your child’s teacher. If you still have concerns after meeting with your child’s teacher, the campus principals are available and ready to help. You may also send an email with your child’s name and grade along with your questions to falcons@royal-isd.net. Messages sent to falcons@royal-isd.net will be relayed to your child’s campus principal.

Student Handbook Grading Guidelines (All Grade Levels)  - Page 58 

Grading guidelines for each grade level or course will be communicated and distributed to students and their parents by the classroom teacher. These guidelines have been reviewed by each applicable curriculum department and have been approved by the campus principal. 

These guidelines establish the minimum number of assignments, projects, and examinations required for each grading period. In addition, these guidelines establish how the student’s mastery of concepts and achievement will be communicated (i.e., letter grades, numerical averages, checklist of required skills, etc.). Grading guidelines also outline in what circumstances a student will be allowed to redo an assignment or retake an examination for which the student originally made a failing grade. Procedures for a student to follow after an absence will also be addressed.

Report Cards / Progress Reports - Page 81 

Report cards with each student’s grades or performance and absences in each class or subject are issued in grades PK-5 every 9 weeks and in grades 6-12 every 6 weeks (2019-2020 Grading Periods).

Every three weeks of a grading period, parents will receive a progress report of their child’s performance in all course/subject areas. If the student receives a grade lower than 70 in any class or subject at the end of a grading period, the parent will be requested to schedule a conference with the teacher of that class or subject.

Teachers follow grading guidelines that have been approved by the superintendent pursuant to the board-adopted policy and are designed to reflect each student’s relative mastery of each assignment for the grading period, semester, or course. State law provides that a test or course grade issued by a teacher cannot be changed unless the board determines that the grade was arbitrary or contains an error, or that the teacher did not follow the district’s grading policy.

Questions about grade calculation should first be discussed with the teacher; if the question is not resolved, the student or parent may request a conference with the principal.