We are a campus of diverse experiences and backgrounds. We are a campus with unique needs and struggles. We are a campus made of individuals with goals and dreams. We find a way to unite, and work together to lift each other up and make it possible for all to succeed. We believe in a dependent Triangle of Instruction, Intervention and Relationships. While all three of these are interwoven in the success of individuals it is in OUR CORE as a campus to focus on how we are more the same than we are different and instead of many we decide to be one! We appreciate the opportunity to influence lives and we seek self mastery through self management. We accept the challenge to impact our community not only TODAY but for the future. Our dreams are extensive and goals put us on a collision course with prominence. Our HOPE is you join us as we equip ourselves for this journey. Together We are Falcons!


We are Learners.

We are Coachable.

We are Committed.

We Do Our Best.

We Care.

We Finish.

We are Falcons!!!

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