I am Ellen Flenory from Houston, Texas. I was born Ellen Elaine Jones. I am the second born of five girls and the mother of two daughters and two grandsons L'Keyon and Tahji. My grandsons are 14 and 8 eight and a handful, but I love every minute of being there Honey.. I have one grand dog named Princess T' Una. I attended John F. Kennedy Elementary, Booker T. Washington High School and the University of Houston. I have worn many hats throughout the years. My favorite hat is Grandmother AKA Honey. There is no greater joy than spoiling my G-sons and sending them home. I LOVE it! I am also a people person and have always strived to be the best Ellen I can be. I treat people like I want to be treated. I love to encourage and comfort people and hate to see anyone suffer. We were not created to suffer; there is hope and happy future for all. I worked for the Houston Independent School District for 30 years and was retired for 8 years. Now, I am back to work as the Campus Secretary for the Early Childhood Center at Royal ISD. It is a challenge after being retired for eight years but, it only seems impossible until it is done and I do not fail I learn. Therefore,I take one day at a time and pray as I go. I am so grateful for this opportunity to get out of the house, meet new people and explore new challenges. I thank God for his continuous love and support on my journey throughout life.