Will bus transportation be provided for students?

Transportation will continue to be provided. Temperatures will be taken for each student before boarding the bus. If a student’s temperature is at or above 100.4°, the student will not be allowed on the bus and will be given a medical/safety informational form with guidelines that must be followed before he/she is allowed to return school. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is required that parents wait at the bus stop with their child(ren). Royal ISD highly encourages parents to bring his/her child to school and pick him/her up from school. 

How do I determine my child's bus route?

Visit the Royal ISD Infofinder page. Enter your home address, zip code, and your child's grade.  

How will seating arrangements be determined on school buses?

Seating arrangements will be established to comply with TEA’s social distancing requirements for school transportation. Buses will be disinfected daily after each route.

Ridership will remain at typical district capacity. To support contact tracing, students will be assigned seats, and a seating chart will be maintained by the bus driver. The bus driver and students will be required to wear face coverings and use hand sanitizer provided when boarding and exiting the bus. Royal ISD will comply with all health and safety recommendations established by the Governor, the health department, and the Texas Education Agency. Safety and health measures may be adjusted based on current guidelines and conditions.