May 22, 2020
  1. Processional “Pomp and Circumstance”: Sir Edward Elgar
  2. Welcome: Mr. Tony Runnels, Jr., Principal,Royal High School
  3. National Anthem: John Stafford Smith
  4. Invocation: Olivia Arana, Treasurer, Class of 2020
  5. Introduction of the Salutatorian: Jonathan Huerta, Secretary, Class of 2020
  6. Salutatorian Address: Araceli Amador, Class of 2020 Salutatorian
  7. Introduction of the Valedictorian: Ramsey Alfaro, Vice President, Class of 2020
  8. Valedictorian Address: Jon’Dasha Price, Class of 2020 Valedictorian
  9. Remarks: Mr. Tony Runnels, Jr., Principal, Royal High School
  10. Remarks: Dr. Leticia Guzmán, Acting Superintendent, Royal ISD
  11. Presentation of Graduates: Dr. Leticia Guzmán, Acting Superintendent
  12. Presentation of Diplomas: Mr. Elton Foster, Royal ISD, Board President
  13. Reading of Graduate Names: Mr. Jose Perez, Royal ISD Coach
  14. Turning of the Tassels: Jon’Dasha Price, President, Class of 2020
  15. Benediction: Melany Rodriguez, Parliamentarian, Class of 2020
  16. ALMA MATER: Ms. Priscilla Jones, Graduates, and Audience
  17. Recessional “Pomp and Circumstance”: Sir Edward Elgar
  18. Senior Slideshow

The students who shall be speaking at the graduation ceremony were selected based on neutral criteria to deliver messages of the students’ own choices. The content of and any views expressed during each student speaker’s message is solely and entirely the private expression of the individual student and does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position, or expression of the District.

Royal ISD 2019-2020 Board of Trustees

Elton Foster, President

Joseph Campos, Vice President

Cheri Fontenot, Secretary

Mike Glover,  Trustee

Emily Hillsman, Trustee

Rose Jones, Trustee

Nathaniel Richardson Jr., Trustee

District Administration

Dr. Leticia Guzmán,  Acting Superintendent

Dr. Kendra Strange,  Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Campus Administration

Tony Runnels


Jill Pistor

Associate Principal of Instruction

Jorge Garza

Assistant Principal

Sandy Housley

DAEP Administrator

Melissa Baker

Director, Early College HS


Crystal Lang

Counselor 10th & 11th grades

LaSandra Watts

Counselor 9th & 12th grade

Royal High School Alma Mater

Hail to Alma Mater

Hail to Red and Blue

Through the years our memories

Will live again with you;

We will stand united,

As our voices sing,

Hail to you and your honor true.

Alma Mater Hail to You.

Royal Independent School District

3714 FM 359

Pattison Texas 77466